This really got to me.

Drawing Yami trying to kick and punch people taller than her is the worst thing ever I fucking swear she’s so fucking short

Was Scribbles considered 'beautiful/pretty' by the rest of the team? I know a lot of readers consider her to be fairly pretty, especially with her curled eye markings and the such. Was she intended to be 'attractive', at least by poke-standards? (feel free to answer this with the team or answer it yourself - or both //wink wink)

Yes, Scribbles was supposed to look cute and kind of pretty during her first two evolutions, then she was supposed to become much more beautiful when she turned into a Pidgeot. Bloom really admires her beauty in Pidgeot form.  

Though, most of the Pokemon don’t really feel attracted to her because they’re not birds. Unibrow did feel attracted to her, but tried to not show that as much. They were good friends and he enjoyed being around her, and that’s how he tried to keep it.

Did you get a tablet or you don't have enough money yet?

Oh right. A better tablet is being shipped to me as we speak. I should be able to start drawing again soon.

@ creator: If you can remember, what level were Sir Manby and Scribbles at before they died?

I believe Sir Manby died at level 35.

If I had to give a rough estimate, Scribbles died in the low 40s.

So what's the entire relationship between Popcorn and Aeya?

The .. entire relationship?

Well, they both see each other as friends as it stands. Whether or not they have feelings for each other hasn’t been spoken out. I’ll just leave it up to the fans for now, don’t want to spoil anything. :]

Something’s wrong with my tablet.

I’ve been trying constantly to get this thing working, but the problem is the same. I switched nibs, reinstalled, restarted, but none of it’s helping.

I can only get markings to appear on the upper half of the tablet.

Anything past the red line is completely unresponsive. So… basically I can’t draw. I’m not sure what to do about this. I’ll try some more things and let you guys know what’s up.



if you play x/y without exp share or amie it's pretty much at the usual difficulty of pokemon games, if not a but harder



… b-but… Pokemon amie ;__;

I came up with a rule to use in my own run that somewhat mitigates the brokenness of Amie (since I love it too much to stop using it, plus isn’t the point of a nuzlocke to have your pokemon love you?): if a Pokemon survives an otherwise fatal hit and hangs on at 1 HP, they have to knock out the opposing pokemon before I can switch or heal them. Which means they really only have one chance to end it - and if they’re slower than their opponent or can’t hit hard enough in one hit to finish it, they’re SOL.

In the Y run I’m playing currently, three of my pokemon have done this, and two miraculously survived - one was faster but confused, and managed to hit through the confusion; the other was slower but the opponent missed, giving him the opening to end it.

The third wasn’t so lucky.

Aw hell, I’ll try it out. If it turns out interesting maybe I’ll turn it into a story. But really guys, writing a fleshed out story is really hard work. I’ve been doing OAT for 2 years and we haven’t even gotten to the best parts yet. ; u ;

Every now and then I reread my comic to make sure I can tie up any loose ends. Like foreshadowing and hints and stuff. This time I read through my comic and I timed how long it took for me to read it.

This is how long it took for me to get from the prologue to page 48. 4 hours.
 That’s like

Lord of the rings