Did you pick up the Eevee from Goldenrod City, or did you go to the game corner? Or did you leave the Pokemon entirely?

I got the Eevee but I never used him. Eevee is boring to me.

What do you prefer; Vileplumes or Bellossoms?

Definitely Vileplume. Bellossom is lackluster to me (sorry Petal D: ), and if I wasn’t so impatient Petal would’ve definitely been a Vileplume. Eventually.

For some reason, I'm just Imagining Archer's corpse looking like Mayu's corpse from Corpse Party.. It looks fabulous~
Archer went splodey :O


In the game, how did you get the fire stone to evolve aeya? I mean, as far as I know, ethan doesn't give one to you, and I only got one after beating the elite four and reaching kanto

I had the fire stone since before I got Aeya — it was a gift from one of the people on my phone. I gave him my phone number, he called me and gave me the fire stone out of nowhere. That was way back when I first got my bike.

Exchanging phone numbers with the right people is pretty damn useful.

Oh no it's okay, you don't have to apologise :) I should be the one apologising. I obviously didn't read the page as closely as I thought I did. I'm really sorry and I'll make sure I'll read more carefully next time. (P.S- I hope that my previous message wasn't too stupid, sorry if it was :( )

Not at all! You weren’t the first to wonder about the blood, it makes me think I should take extra panels to emphasize such things so that it lasts in people’s minds. That is of course a fault on my part, emphasis is a method in story telling that I need to get better at.

Hello, I just wanted to say that absolutely loved the newest page you released today and it has been one of the most shocking pages so far. I seriously was not expecting Yami to do that, even if he was part of Team Rocket (but then again it wasn't technically her). The only thing that I didn't quite get though was the amount of blood that was surrounding Archer's corpse after his fall. I mean don't get me wrong, I know there would of been some blood but not quite that much. Still an great page!

Thanks for the compliments ♥ Also yes, there is an excessive amount of blood, that’s intentional. Kuni mentions that the amount of blood that comes out of him is an excessive amount. More than he could possibly have in his body.

Then she quotes the prophecy; “It will paint the tower’s base.”

I feel kind of sad having to explain myself with this one, I suppose I should’ve executed the scene better. The fact that there was so much blood was completely intentional and was supposed to come off as eerie.

I'd like to go on a rant and critique the way that last anon "critiqued" your nuzlocke (which obviously wasn't a critique at all, just a bunch of bullying and hate), however I think you handled yourself very well. Very nicely done, Yami~

Aw, thanks Tala <3 I do want to encourage that particular anon to articulate better if he has something to say about my story, but you’re probably right that he was just spewing hate at me. Either way though, I’m pretty happy that my story mattered enough to him that he would type all that for me.

I was rereading the comic and I noticed that Silver's Pokemon refer to him as 'Master', while even the most loyal of Yami's team simply refer to her as 'Yami'. Is it common in the OAT universe for Pokemon to refer to their trainer as Master, or is it simply because of Silver's abuse? Or is it simply preference as to what Pokemon call their Trainers?

Mmm well, when regarding Yami directly, Yami’s pokemon call her “Trainer,” which is the common term for Pokemon to call their trainers. In the beginning Yami’s Pokemon referred to her as “Our Trainer” but eventually begin calling her Yami out of habit, because Tatara does it out of disrespect.

Silver’s Pokemon calling him “Master” was something he told them to refer to him as.

I sketched a bit of fanart of Of All Things a while back and inked it. You can tell it&#8217;s old by lil&#8217; miss Scribbles ;_; The feels.

I sketched a bit of fanart of Of All Things a while back and inked it. You can tell it’s old by lil’ miss Scribbles ;_; The feels.